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     講 者 簡 介      Prof. Dorian Haskard


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     者: Prof. Dorian Haskard

 主持人: 杜裕康  副教授

 主    題: Are there biological foundations for

                 healthy eating?

     間:1031014日(週二) 中午12:20-13:20 

     點: 公共衛生學院大樓201講堂




          In this lecture Professor Dorian Haskard will talk about some recent health and nutrition trends in the UK and US, and examine the science underpinning these “food fads” by looking at the biological foundations for healthy eating. A few key themes and developments will be investigated from a biological point of view, such as – The health benefits of calorie restriction Circadian rhythms in metabolism and possible adverse effects on night-shift

workers Activating endogenous antioxidant systems.


         The talk is aimed to stimulate thought in a general audience who have an interest in eating and living healthily. It will aim to impart some biological knowledge to non-biologists, but you do not have to be from a scientific background to understand and appreciate its key messages.