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A minimum of 128 credits of coursework is required to qualify for a B.S. degree in public health. The Department of Public Health offers a constellation of diverse courses from Science to Art. We employ both teachers who specialize in relevant professional fields and also adjunct teachers who work for governmental health departments or environmental protection departments so that students will be trained well from theory into practice. Junior students select a major area of study in accordance with their preference, with choices including Health Policy & Management, Environmental & Occupational Health, Epidemiology, Biostatistics & Preventive Medicine, and Global Health. Students in the third year are also obliged to practice at health agencies and businesses related to public health. This enables students not only to apply theory to practice but also to develop their communication skills with a wide range of people.

In order to benefit undergraduates who demonstrate excellent potential by allowing them to take advanced courses for Master’s program and shorten their period of study, we are currently drawing up a 5-year joint curriculum to prepare students as both Bachelor-to-be and Master-student-to-be.

Moreover, to help our students to cultivate a global health perspective, we offer relevant courses in English and also encourage students to apply for international exchange or to do field work in a foreign partner institution.
Graduate credits required for students enrolling after the 2014 academic year (128 total credits):
1.General Courses (18)
2.Cross-disciplinary General Education (12)
3.Basic Natural Sciences (12-14) : 
   Calculus (General Mathematics) B (6), General Zoology B or General Biology (3)/(4)【Any One of the Two】,  General Physics B (3)    or General Chemistry C and Lab (4)【Any One of the Two】
4.Basic Social Sciences (3) :              
   Economics A (3) or Sociology D (3) or Psychology C (3)【Any One of the Three】
5.Basic Medical Sciences (11) 
   Anatomy (3), Physiology (4), Microbiology and Immunology (2) + Lab (2)
6.Basic Public Health (27):
   Introduction to Public Health (2), Biostatistics I (3), Biostatistics II (3), Epidemiology (3), Case Study in Epidemiology (2),  
   Fundamentals of Environmental Health (2), Laws and Regulations in Medicine and Health (2), Health Promotion and Health
   Education (2), Occupational Health (2), Principles of Public Health Administration (2), Field Practice in Public Health (4)
7.Disciplinary Field Required Courses (Any One of the Six)
   (1)Epidemiology, Biostatistics & Preventive Medicine – major in Epidemiology & Preventive Medicine (20)
   (2)Epidemiology, Biostatistics & Preventive Medicine – major in Biostatistics (16)
   (3)Health Policy & Management (28)
   (4)Environmental & Occupational Health – major in Environmental Health (24)
   (5)Environmental & Occupational Health – major in Occupational Health (26)
   (6)Global Health (29-44)
8. Elective Courses (0-30)

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