Joint Evaluation for the Department of Public Health, the Institute of Environmental Health, and the Occupational Medicine and Industrial Hygiene

  • 2015-04-02
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Article/Photos: Chen,Yu-Chan; Jhang,Jhe-Rong
       Joint evaluation for Department of Public Health, Institute of Environmental Health, and Occupational Medicine and Industrial Hygiene was held at College of Public Health on Mar 17th-19th, 2015. To enhance teaching and research quality, National Taiwan University set a precedent of self-evaluation back in 1997 by enacting Academic Unit Evaluation Regulations. Ever since the Regulations were enacted, the academic units have been evaluated once in every five years. Evaluation results will be used as the basis of improvement for the academic units, and a benchmark against which the University decides how to adjust resource allocation, how to amend mid- and long-term plans, and whether to expand, merge or dissolve the academic units. Moreover, the College of Public Health is preparing for the accreditation of the Council on Education for Public Health (CEPH), and the CEPH accreditation will be the future external evaluation for the College of Public Health. To follow the trend of international public health and goals of College of Public Health, we use CEPH format for our self-study report. Both joint evaluation and its reports were held and written in English which is pioneering work among self-evaluation.
        Seven international scholars and a local scholar were invited to be committee members, including four deans and four senior professors:
-Dean of College of Public Health, Oregon State University, Dr, Tammy Bray
-Professor of College of Public Health, University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), Dr. Shane Que Hee
-Dean of College of Public Health, National University of Singapore, Dr. Kee-Seng Chia
-Dean of College of Health Sciences, Simon Fraser University, Dr. John O’Neil
-Professor of Department of Mechanical Systems Engineering, Hansung University, Dr. Doo Yong Park
-Dean of School of Public Health, Kyoto University, Dr. Shunichi Fukuhara
-Professor of Department of Safety and Environment, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Dr. Joseph Kwan.
-Professor College of Publich Health, National Yang-Ming University, Dr. Yue-Chune Lee
         Among the colleges of public health which these committee members work with, Oregon State University and UCLA have already been accredited by CEPH while Simon Fraser University is expected to be accredited soon in upcoming May.
       To offer suggestions on improving teaching qualities, learning qualities and environment, the committee members interviewed student representatives, faculties, alumni and a university representative during this three-day evaluation. In the first day, committee members shared their experiences in the public health education forum. On the second day meeting, committee members attended the presentations of college introduction and research performance by our dean and directors, and they also interviewed students and faculties. On the last day, committee members met with a university representative and alumni in the morning, and then shared their comments and suggestions for the future goals with all faculties and students in the afternoon.

Caption:Public speaking from committee members at College of Public Health on March 19th, 2015. Front Row (left to right): Dr. Shane Que Hee, Yue-Chune Lee, Doo Yong Park, Joseph Kwan, Tammy Bray, John O’Neil, Shunichi Fukuhara, Wei J. Chen, Yaw-Huei Hwang, Pau-Chung Chen.