Education of NTU College of Public Health won the world accreditation

Education of NTU College of Public Health won the world accreditation


Welcome to apply to study in the Department of Public Health, National Taiwan University (NTUDPH)!


Our affiliation, College of Public Health, has been accredited by the Council on Education for Public Health (CEPH) of the United States, and thus NTUCPH has become the first college with accreditation outside North America. This honor represents that the educational quality of all branches in our college is the same as other international universities.


In response to the trend of globalization, NTUDPH actively cultivates our students with a global vision for public health. In recent years, our students have joined several exchange student programs, and studied abroad in many different universities, including Yokohama National University (Japan), University of Tsukuba (Japan), The Chinese University of Hong Kong (Hong Kong), State University of New York (USA), University of Washington (USA), University of Heidelberg (Germany), University of Freiburg (Germany), and Umeå University (Sweden).


Furthermore, we encourage our students to visit other countries to do the field practice. For instance, we continually send our outstanding students to the Republic of Malawi. We have many famous alumni graduated from NTUDPH, and they are involved in many different fields including government, industry, academy, and research institute. Their missions are to provide professional knowledge and leadership for health administrative agencies, environmental protection units, public health education, research institutes, non-profit organization and medical research and development departments.


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