Course Overview and Core Required Courses

The core required courses of this department include four introductory topics: Introductory Natural Sciences, Introductory Social Sciences, Introductory Medical Sciences, and Introductory Public Health. 



Courses (Credit number)

University Required Courses


Mandarin(6), Foreign Language(6), General Studies (15)

Department of Public Health Required Courses



Introductory Natural Sciences Courses (14)


Calculus B (6), General Biology (4), General Chemistry (3) & Experiment (1)

Introductory Social Sciences Courses (6)


Principle of Microeconomics (3), Sociology (3)

Introductory Medical Sciences Courses (8)


Physiology (4), Microbiology and Immunology (2) + Experiment (2)

Introductory Public Health Courses (27)


Public Health (2)

Biostatistics 1 (3), Biostatistics 2 (3)

Epidemiology (3), Case Studies in Epidemiology (2) 

Environmental Health (2), Occupational Health (2)

Health and Social Behavior Studies (2)

Public Health Administration and Management (2), Public Health Law (2)

Public Health Internship (4)

Module Required Courses


You must complete at least 20 credits from module required courses. You must complete one of the required module courses and earn up to 20 credits from the courses required in other modules.

Those who choose to take the "Global Health" module must choose another module and complete all their required courses (dual module system).

Elective Courses



Total Graduation Credits